Dear AtomJump User,

Our AtomJump offices are based around the corner from where the March 2019 Terrorist attacks occurred in New Zealand, recently. What this event highlighted, at least in part, to myself, is that the large corporations that currently operate our most popular messaging and social network tools are not overly responsive.

The networks, while not to blame for the events themselves, have taken a particular stance on their choice of available tools, and in this case, were not prepared to front up to the news media in New Zealand when those tools were horribly misused.

Can we expect corporations with billions of users to really care about individual users and events? We believe the answer to this conundrum is to break up the current monopolies - not through governmental intervention, but through providing a positive and viable alternative, which gives control back to the people using those tools.

If a thousand organizations each run their own installation of AtomJump in their own way, that is a thousand readily available set of ears directly listening to the needs of the people using those forums. And one thousandth of the redistribution power to spread hateful messages everywhere in one sweep. In this manner, only people listening to your specific conversation will hear you, which is really as it should be.

It is our hope with AtomJump that our open source tools offer a fresh and flexible alternative, without any commercial biases getting in the way of your experience.

With warm wishes,
Peter Abrahamson
19 March 2019